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Guest Post: It Wasn’t My Story to Write

Hi my dear readers! I have an awesome post for you today! I asked a fabulous human named Brittany to write up a guest post for all of you. Brittany is such an inspiration, and the following post she wrote really hit home for me. I hope you all love it as much as I do! Now for Brittany…

It Wasn’t My Story to Write


“Remember who you are and what God expects you to Become.”
-Thomas S. Monson

There are many moments in life where I feel as if life has treated me as anything but fair. I know that there will be some reading this with a slight knowledge of my background, those who know it all too well, and those who have just learned of recent experiences.

A couple of years ago I was very young and naive, and as most of us are all at 19 (or think we are), I was “wise.” I had met a guy, dated for a month or so, was engaged not long after and married just a short 4 months later in a church. To my surprise…. I didn’t know him at all. Though thinking and feeling it was a right decision, to be honest…. I didn’t pray about it. I never had the confirmation or the blessings behind a decision I so carelessly had made. After months and months of learning that who I had thought I married wasn’t really that man after all (and without going into much detail), we were divorced.

At the time this had been one of the hardest trials I had ever faced; but let me give you a glimpse of the last few months of marriage where I gained my testimony.

It was recommended to me that I read the book “The Peace Giver.” Though I wasn’t much of a reader, and thinking there was nothing that I needed to change on my end, I read it. During the time of reading this book with every spare moment I had… I learned one of the most valuable lessons of all… We cannot change the actions of others, we can only improve and change ourselves. Here was where I began to find “me” again.

I stopped talking back, I stopped raising my voice, I stopped being angry. I never argued and all I learned to do was listen. I turned more to prayer, talks, scriptures and quotes for guidance, rather then the internet, News articles, and statistic pages. More and more I began to see that true happiness and love was found in the Gospel. My heart, more than anything, desired to be sealed in the Temple at the one year mark of being married. Well… It takes two people to desire the same things, and as much as I had wanted, it wasn’t his desire. Though other circumstances had caused things to play out the way it did, I never lost faith in knowing that My Heavenly Father would help me see this through.

I will sometimes just sit and think a lot and like to think of myself as a “planner.” I like to have my year plan, my 5 year plan, my 10 year plan. I keep a list of names that I will someday name my kids, and places on the map I long to visit, and where I want to live and settle down. It’s funny though….. how these things never happen according to plan. If anything, one of the greatest things I have learned is that it isn’t my plan, and it isn’t my story, it is Heavenly Fathers.

He knows me far better than I know myself! The goals that I set, and the goals that we all set, are very wide stepping stones where our gracious Savior has come in to fill the spaces, add in more stones and pave the way. There is a very significant amount of peace that comes with the understanding, that He knows what is best. Even though I can sit and plan my future and the outcome of my life, Heavenly Father knows me and he knows what he wants me to become. I can do that my way, or his…. and I will be honest, his path and his plan and the story he has for me comes with many challenges, trials and hardships. There is suffering and heartache, bad days, times when you want to quit, and moments that seem so unfair, but I wouldn’t have it another way.

Yes, I have had life shifting trials, and yes in the MOMENT I can be a little resentful and a angry because I am human…. but I have to remember that it isn’t my story to tell. Our Savior is the author, writer and the illustrator for each and everyone of us. I am not saying these things to give up and not plan, because we have to do our part. Just keep in mind that with the things we want to do, Christ will connect the dots in a better path.

Although I can try to write the pages, and illustrate the pictures, it will never be as grand, as beautiful or near as perfect as the story My Heavenly Father has for me.

On Crossing the Return Threshold: Journal of an Aspiring Entrepreneur

Recently, I’ve been taking a social innovations class at BYU-I where we are encouraged to keep a journal of what we learn each week. Welcome to entry 12 of  said journal. I’ll be using Joseph Campbell’s theory of The Hero’s Journey as a framework for my posts, each week will be a different stage.


“The trick in returning is to retain the wisdom gained on the quest, to integrate that wisdom into a human life, and then maybe figure out how to share the wisdom with the rest of the world.” Read more here.

Today, I gave my final presentation. Due to the nature of the topic, it was emotionally difficult to give. I had to face the fear that people would view me as stupid, uneducated and or uncool. I shared experiences that had been tough lately, but that were a major part of who I’ve become and why I felt passionately about this topic, and what I’ve been able to learn in order to help others. If you would like more information about my project, watch the animated video I shared, click here.

i am in shock

As was talked about above, the most important part of our journey is to-not just grow in wisdom-but retain it. Ultimately, the greatest treasure any hero brings back from their journey is wisdom, and the greatest gift is being able to find a way to share that wisdom with others. Human beings are hardwired for learning, and I believe it is learning and sharing knowledge that helps form deep connections with one another. In class, this past week we talked a lot about self-sufficiency and the role self-efficacy plays in that. In class, one of my classmates shared a quote that is on a wall of a girls school in Kenya that she volunteered at.

“She believed she could so she did.”


Richard Branson talks a lot about the concept of self efficacy. He suggests that if someone asks you if you can do something, you say yes, and learn how to do it later! Never turn down an opportunity you are passionate about, because you CAN do it. Joseph Campbell says about this stage in The Hero’s Journey…

“The first problem of the returning hero is to accept as real, after an experience of the soul-satisfying vision of fulfillment, the passing joys and sorrows, banalities and noisy obscenities of life. Why re-enter such a world? Why attempt to make plausible, or even interesting, to men and women consumed with passion, the experience of transcendental bliss?”
I can understand the above. As I talked about before, there is a sense of loss that comes from leaving your journey and returning home. You are giving up the fight, and returning to normalcy again which is no longer “normal” to you. You aren’t used to your homeland anymore. However, there is such a huge sense of relief and peace for me. I’m returning home from school in a little while, and I’m so excited to be able to be with so many people that I love and miss. I’m excited about the ways that I have changed, and that I have grown. I’m excited about the ways that I have learned to be myself, and I’m excited to share that with people, I’m excited to share my change.
“I can do hard things.”
Brother Gwilliam talked about how the above is his family’s motto. I can testify of this. We truly can do hard things, we can especially do hard things through Christ who I KNOW will strengthen us. There were moments when I wanted to give up, and I was tired, and I was frustrated, but Christ would strengthen me, and give me rest, and I could continue on in the work he was asking me to do, and the changes he was asking me to make. This semester has been pretty crazy, scratch that, it’s been really crazy. However, I’m so much the better for it, and I am so happy! I’ve had an increase of joy even in my suffering, and I am so grateful for that.

1. How do microfinance and self-reliance relate?
Microfinance is a way to provide funding for everyday people to be able to start businesses and independently serve their family, in a way that doesn’t create a reliance, and isn’t a handout because it’s a very small loan to be paid back.

2. Why do you think the church, especially LDS charities, encourage self-reliance?
I believe that it’s because self-reliance is a principle of happiness. No one truly receives joy from being dependent on someone for their own survival. We want to be able to grow and self-actualize, and we want to be strong, and have to ability to support ourselves and our families.


On the Refusal of Return: Journal of an Aspiring Entrepreneur

Recently, I’ve been taking a social innovations class at BYU-I where we are encouraged to keep a journal of what we learn each week. Welcome to entry 11 of  said journal. I’ll be using Joseph Campbell’s theory of The Hero’s Journey as a framework for my posts, each week will be a different stage. I hope you like it

THE ROAD BACK.  About three-fourths of the way through the story, the hero is driven to complete the adventure, leaving the Special World to be sure the treasure is brought home.  Often a chase scene signals the urgency and danger of the mission” Read more here.

On the Road Back
In the next stage of the journey it’s all about the road back. This involves multiple stages that aren’t necessarily individual stages of the Hero’s Journey. One of these is the Refusal of the Turn. Just like at the beginning of the journey where we didn’t want to leave our normal and to go out to this crazy land, on a crazy adventure, after we fought the battle often times we feel the same but in revers. We don’t want to return home even though we know we must. In this journey you’re returning home with the reward that you have received and using it to bless the lives of those you left behind. You are bringing back the elixir, as well as knowledge, and a changed version of yourself. There’s a sense of separation and sense of sorrow that comes from leaving the journey and knowing that it’s complete. It’s sort of like mourning. You’re mourning what you traveled through, you’re mourning the person you were. I believe that, in a way you are also mourning the trials themselves.
“If you’re doing something great, if you’re disrupting, you will get opposition.” – Brother Gwilliam
The above quote from our professor, Brother Gwilliam, has been a big theme throughout class this semester. It’s also one that, in a way, is actually quite comforting. Something that I really like about how this class is taught is that when he tells us that we can achieve great things-when he tells us that we can dream and achieve things we never thought we would be able to-you know he means it. Not only that, but you know he comes from a place of actually having done it at our age. When he tells us to dream he also make sure that we see the whole picture. We aren’t going into it thinking that all is roses and sunshine, but we also aren’t going into it with a pessimistic attitude. He’s clear that there will be opposition any time that we are doing something great. We will come across trials and hardships. Something great is that we have even gone through examples of this looking at people like Steve Jobs, Muhammed Yunis, Mother Theresa, and many other people. To do something great, to do something different, is to disrupt the reality in which we live in. As a people we don’t really like change, it makes us uncomfortable, and so anytime that you’re doing something truly meaningful but that involves change you will often get push-back. We know from a gospel standpoint that there needs to be opposition in all things. We know that there must be light and dark and that when we do great things it there will be a push against us and a force trying to get us to stop. Sometimes this opposition,  even comes in the form of ourselves. Something else that I really love that was mentioned in our class this week was a quote by one of our classmates. He said-
“I feel like passion is really vulnerable.”
I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Sometimes we talk about passions in class, and I think about how much I have to open yourself up to feel deep passion for the things that I care about. It’s hard, and scary, and it takes a lot of trust and a lot of hope. It doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen, but that it will still be worth it. Unfortunately, our self-preservation instinct sometimes overpowers our long-term view point of what will truly bring us happiness, and what will make a difference in the world. So, therefore, it becomes our constant job to overcome our instincts and push ourselves to live with passion. We also talked about “finding passion statements, building marketing around them, and building employees around that.” which I believe is crucial.  Passion, plays a big role in The Road Back or The Return. Ultimately, your passion for the people in your home who need your newfound knowledge and gifts, wins out over the new land that you have grown to love, and the passion for the journey. This is important-crucial even-for what is a journey if you aren’t able to bring something back to change and brighten those you love?
Reflection questions
1. What is the term “for-benefit” mean?
For-benefit means that you’re working to benefit the community in the world and often times a social problem not simply money. For-benefit is often used to describe social ventures such as social businesses. This is a term that people can more easily understand. To be a for-benefit business means that it’s not just for profit but it’s for benefit of the world, at the business’ very core.
2. In order to create a successful for-benefit enterprise, what must a socially minded entrepreneur focus on during the start up of his/her business?
I believe it’s important to start with passion first. And once that passion has been chosen, to follow up with doing the “5 Whys” exercise. It is crucial that you have a vision as to why you are going to start a business for this cause in the first place. Because, at some point in your business you will want to give up, and you will lose view of why you did it in the first place. However, if you do find-and clearly state-the passion and the motives of why you’re doing it in the first place, you will be able to prevent that as well as to guide your business with success and direction.

On the Reward: Journal of an Aspiring Entrepreneur

Recently, I’ve been taking a social innovations class at BYU-I where we are encouraged to keep a journal of what we learn each week. Welcome to entry 10 of said journal. I’ll be using Joseph Campbell’s theory of The Hero’s Journey as a framework for my posts, each week will be a different stage. I hope you like it!
“THE REWARD.  The hero takes possession of the treasure won by facing death.  There may be celebration, but there is also danger of losing the treasure again.” –http://www.thewritersjourney.com/hero’s_journey.htm
On the Reward
After visiting my hometown recently, and leaving behind a dream I cherished (see previous post)  it felt like for a little while that I didn’t know how I would be able to get back on my feet again. For a brief moment, I was unsure of what to do and was looking for direction but not understanding where to find it. However, I continued on searching-and hoping-for solutions I tried many different ideas and methods of searching out the  meaning and reward I was looking for…when I found it. Ultimately, I believe that the Reward is often times a breath of new life. It is the new perspective that comes from being a little war torn, and bloodied, but having let go of yet another part of your old self and stepped further into who God is crafting you to be. It is the opportunity that comes to move forward on your mission or adventure with a perspective that is altered from what it was before. In some ways more jaded, in other ways more hopeful.

You’ve seen and experienced more of the world, but a new world is also being revealed leaving a sense of wonder in the wake of this trial.

In class this week, we talked a lot about the culture and values we are building into our businesses as well as the different methods of leadership. While each method had it’s pros and cons, we learned that in the end you need to be a leader that is constantly shifting between all the methods and styles according to the situation at hand. I feel like this stage of the journey, is what teaches us that lesson. Often times, up to this point, our heroes are rigid in what they know and in their way of doing things. I think-at least in-my life-this acts as a sort of security blanket.


There is so much that is unfamiliar around us, so much change in our adventure, that we hold on to all our might to what is left of the safe and the familiar and the comfortable. After this stage, our heroes learn to let go. They become more fluid, their styles shift. Sometimes we just need these stages in our life as a way to push us further and to reset our minds to think in a way that will truly be able to achieve the adventure we’ve set out on. It’s the point of  no return where we are forever changed in some way, a little battle scarred, a little less innocent, but much more equipped and ready for what is yet ahead. Even though it is scary to go through this sort of emotional or mental rebirth, the changes that are made manifest within you so clearly ripple out into your life and take you so much further along. While personally at times in my life, I wish I could just hold on to the neutral ground-to what is safe and familiar. Yet, there is that longing for progress, for direction, for clarity. I have found that unfortunately for what at times seems like my mental health, we must travel through these moments before we may receive of that clarity.
  1. Based off of what you’ve learned about the Buy OneGive One Model, create a hypothetical business that you would create that could effectively take advantage of this model.

    Well, I was thinking about how this could be applied to my passions, and trying to come up with an idea that I wouldn’t necessarily do but that would be a fun mental game for me to play. What I came up with is a little bit of a twist to the model. I was thinking about traveling libraries, libraries that can come straight to your house customized to your tastes, that you could pick from, funded by an inexpensive monthly membership. Then, with each monthly payment, a book is donated to a child in america who wouldn’t have access to that book normally. Perhaps a book that would, say, be on a trade that they are interested in or a craft like crochet or woodwork, something that teaches them a skill they could learn to sell or trade with. Just a thought.
  2. In your own words, define what “hybrid business” means. Explain how hybrids differ from non-profits.Okay, so here’s the deal, and I know you are probably getting tired of this because I have answered this question a lot in so many ways. A hybrid is a mix of some sort between a non-profit charity and a for-profit business. Essentially it could be called for-benefit. There is usually a triple bottom line, or in other words a social profit that is trying to be turned as well as a financial profit. The intention is that the financial profit will help the hybrid to me more sustainable than a for-profit and provide more money and stability so the social profit-or cause-can be achieved.

im the doctor


On the Ordeal: Journal of an Aspiring Entrepreneur

Recently, I’ve been taking a social innovations class at BYU-I where we are encouraged to keep a journal of what we learn each week. Welcome to entry 9 of said journal. I’ll be using Joseph Campbell’s theory of The Hero’s Journey as a framework for my posts, each week will be a different stage. I hope you like it!
2012-10-23 16.34.02

One of my dance classes that I taught to hymns and other Christ centered music. These girls were amazing, and they came into it with no dance experience whatsoever and shined.

On the Ordeal

Near the middle of the story, the hero enters a central space in the Special World and confronts death or faces his or her greatest fear.  Out of the moment of death comes a new life.” http://www.thewritersjourney.com/hero’s_journey.htm

I buried a dream this week. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I had to say goodbye to something that I had hoped, planned, and prepared for, for so very long. I went down to visit my home town the other day, with the idea of assessing it’s needs and if a program I had been preparing to start there for years would fill those needs. I had daydreamed, and hoped, and imagined, and I was finally able to get down there and possibly start putting things in motion. When I arrived, I wanted to cry. As I entered my home-and what would have been the facilities used for the program-tears welled up in my eyes and I didn’t know if I would be able to bring myself to return to school for the last few weeks of the semester. For the first few nights I slept with so much peace and joy in my heart.


A facebook post I posted the next morning.


Cheer team, back when it wasn’t thought of as cool but we did it anyways to support the town.

However, it soon became clear that even though thetown needed and wanted and were even asking for what I was hoping to provide, I wouldn’t be able to provide it. For one reason, some of them didn’t want it from me. Every mother knows that as their children grow, they transform from needing and readily accepting her help, to needing something but wanting to get it for themselves even when they are still not quite ready, to eventually becoming independent. These were the growing pains I was experiencing. I looked at the impacts I had tried to make before I had to move away, and they had grown to a large scale…but they had become warped.

It hurt for me to think that my influence was now making an impact for bad rather than an impact for good, and I wasn’t allowed to do anything to change it. I had left too soon, and so the project was left incomplete. I wanted to cry. As someone was talking about a way to fix it, a way that I was fully prepared to do being the only one with the skills to do that particular part of the solution, it was made clear that I wasn’t wanted.



Taken at one of the seminars I hosted for free about individual worth for the girls in the town.

This hurt. This hurt a lot. I went home, and the next morning we received an offer to buy the facilities. After praying, we felt it was the right thing to do. I traveled back to Utah, then back to Idaho feeling like I would never be able to recover from this heartbreak. It was much like losing a good friend of mine before their time, only I didn’t have the comfort of knowing that friend was in a better and happier place. I saw the struggle, and wasn’t allowed to help.


Teaching my first dance class in the studio we built. Ages 3-4

Now, many people would say “don’t give up” or “if you just keep pushing then you will be able to accomplish this.” The thing is, these are people, people that I love. I’m not going to impede on their free-agency and force my help on them. Instead, I will watch and pray, and like the mother with her child will watch as they grow in independence. I may not have a place in my home town anymore, in fact after struggling with this for the past three years I’m beginning to understand that I will probably never go back. All the same, I felt such a release from that past in my life, with the release of that dream I was freed to do the things that I have felt prompted that I need to do as of late. Even though my heart still aches, and I had prepared so much only to what felt like fail, I was able to be reborn in my own purpose. Often times, in this stage of the Hero’s journey, our hero’s face death and in a way die and are reborn. They don’t always win this battle, often times it’s a draw or a loss. It’s a learning experience that allows them to move forward into the next phase of their journey with the necessary grit and mindset and purpose.






A recycling program I set up at one of the girls camps. By recycling you entered into a drawing for fashionable items made out of cleaned recycled materials.


Girls putting their names in for the raffle. The more they recycled the more entries they got!

On Class
Something that was mentioned in class by brother Gwilliam is that most of the greatest change makers in our time are introverts. They are people that wouldn’t necessarily be comfortable being major icons and advocates of change, out in the public. I’m sure when each of them started out they had doubts about their own abilities much like our hero’s did. They had to push themselves to use their gifts that come with being introverted to infect our extroverted world with love, and hope, and help. I believe it was their gentleness, and their understanding of others that lead them, and gave them the crucial skills they needed to make a difference. In class we also had a guest speaker from Rising Star Outreach. He said “Hopefully what we’re inspiring people to do is to see others the way God sees them.” I think that a powerful gift that can come naturally to some introverts is the ability to see beauty in people and in the world. Sometimes, you have to look really hard, but it’s there. I believe if we act from a place of seeing the beauty, we will create more beauty in the world.



2011-10-20 20.36.19

Taken after I planned and created a program that was implemented in a stake wide young women’s Night of Excellence.


What role does a full social business have in creating a better world?
I feel like, a full social business essentially takes on the responsibility, and stands up and says “I will help, I will take ownership over the world and it’s pains, and I will commit to creating solutions for these problems.

Why is it important that social business and traditional business not only co-exist but cooperate?
I feel like as humans we have this strange compulsion to stick each other in little boxes and command them not to expand beyond those boundaries. When I try to understand this, I wonder if it’s a way of self protecting. We are extraordinarily afraid of the unknown and unpredictable. Human beings are extremely unpredictable. We have an amazing capacity for change, and growth, and happy surprises. We are powerful, and we are scared of our own power. So we limit opportunities of connecting with-and helping-each other because we are afraid of getting hurt. I feel like this is the problem that we sometimes face in regards to social business and traditional business. It’s easy for us to put them each in their little boxes and tell them not to escape. Instead, we need each other. If social business and traditional business could band together the impact we could make for good would be unimaginable. There are few things more powerful than supporting, and advocating for, and loving our fellow men. As traditional and social businesses I believe we should be proud of each other, we should encourage each other, we should create friendships almost as if these categories are friends of their own.

On the Approach: Journal of an Aspiring Entrepreneur

Recently, I’ve been taking a social innovations class at BYU-I where we are encouraged to keep a journal of what we learn each week. Welcome to entry seven of said journal. I’ll be using Joseph Campbell’s theory of The Hero’s Journey as a framework for my posts, each week will be a different stage. I hope you like it!
On the Approach
In the Hero’s Journey there comes a stage called The Approach. This has often been the stage that I’ve been most enamored by. Surprisingly, not in an particularly artistic or technical way, but more because it is an interesting stage to experience, and an even more interesting stage to see expressed on film. The montages…are endless. I may be a little obsessed. Perhaps partly because they are usually set to some pretty fabulous music (Mrs. Doubtfire’s Dude Looks Like a Lady montage anyone?) Just saying.  This is the stage where the Hero is training, gearing up, pulling out the maps, making a plan, gathering weapons, or finding information. The Hero knows the problem, there is a particular goal or event they are preparing for usually at a set time and day and now they most prepare in all the ways they can for that ordeal. In real life, this is a stage of a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. I often times, have wished that it could feel the way that movies make it appear. With the bad-a music and the copious amounts of time passing in a matter of mere minutes. Wouldn’t that just be lovely? Part of the approach that I love is devising a strategy to conquer the obstacle that you are preparing for.  I love to analyze the keys to good strategy and analyze all of the plans and different routes and options that I could take.
On Strategy
“Fortune favors the bold.”
In class today, brother Gwilliam said the above.  One of the things that I absolutely adore about this class is how brother Gwilliam teaches it. I love the insights and the tidbits and the quotes that can be gained from it. This is one of my favorites. As I was thinking about this concept, a quote from a book called The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene came to mind. It said:
Few are born bold. Even Napoleon had to cultivate the habit on the battlefield, where he knew it was a matter of life and death. In social settings he was awkward and timid, but he overcame this and practice boldness in every part of his life because he saw its tremendous power, how it could literally enlarge a man (even one who, like Napoleon, was in fact conspicuously small).”
– Robert Greene
Boldness is a power that we can harness to use in our strategies. We need boldness to make an impact on the world. Easier said than done, I know, I’m not the boldest person in the world-at least not anymore-and so the idea of boldness can be one that is hard to form a steady definition of in my mind. Now the bold thing isn’t always the most outlandish thing, but more like the more different idea the idea that wouldn’t be thought of and would be thought at first glance even counter-intuitive.
Apollo 13
In class we watched a TED talk entitled Shut Up and Listen. He started out in trying to make a social difference traveling to Africa and trying to impose the fixes and plans of his team’s ideas on them. The bold thing to do ended up being to shut up and listen to their ideas…the ideas that would actually work. Now, some wouldn’t think of that as the misconceived definition of bold as being outlandish and forceful. Instead it is unconventional, innovative, and slightly unusual. However it works, and it took courage to think of and boldness to put into action. Then, in our textbook How to Change the World by David Bornstein it said:
“Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it now. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”
I believe that boldness and a successful Approach stage are key. Courage and boldness are very connected concepts that are crucial to forming a strategy-a plan-that will carry the hero and his team through the ordeal, or challenge, ahead of him. It is the boldness that we need to implement in our every day lives. It is boldness that will carry us into  the goals we striving to meet and even surpass, it is the key to good working relationships for true boldness puts people at ease and builds trust. Also, it’s the key to trust with ourselves. Boldness can often times be the very act of stepping forward on an idea that we’ve had or a commitment we’ve made to ourselves of a dream we promised ourselves we’d achieve. It’s important that as we strive to build the world around us, and live up to the expectations of others, that we don’t let ourselves down either.

1. Make an action plan right now, how are you going to look for and create opportunities of CSR in your future workplace? 
In the sense of being an employee at a workplace, my first step is to build relationships, foster connection with those I work with and those managing and running the company as well. The second step I would take would to be notice a need, not just a social need in the community, but a material need in the company. Then, I would find a way to solve that with a solution that would also solve the social need in the community making it mutually beneficial. I would then approach whoever I needed to, address the need in the company, and offer to help. After a short while helping with that I would pitch a solution. Then, it would continue from there. 
2. Where does the responsibility lie in business to create a better world?
My answer is going to be a little bit unconventional, so hear me out. The thing is it’s not business’ responsibility, it’s ours as human beings. It is our responsibility-especially as children of God, to use our means and power to do good. So, in a way, you could say that all businesses should have an aspect of social responsibility because social efforts, change, and impact are OUR responsibility. 
good job