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Cheyenne Lynnae’s mission is to bring joy to children around the world through  the written word. She believes that reading connects us to each other no matter what race, religion, or gender we belong to.

Overall Vision:
I hope to see a day when the birthright to create and contribute is no longer limited by age, status,  or the level of institutionalized education a person possesses.  A day when spiritual, technological, and social growth is spurred on by the restoration of powerful principles of liberty and creativity. I hope to see a day when young and old actively create our world with hope, confidence, and vision. I hope that our faith-and our love-will endure through all, and our hands will be limited only by our hearts. Finally, I hope to see a day when all works are cherished and seen as meaningful-even critical-contributions, no matter how big or small they would have previously been thought to be in days past.